Our Treatments

Within all of us flows essential vital energy called qi, whenever there is a blockage or disharmony with this qi you end up with emotional and or physical pain/disease.

There are many ways to work with this qi/energy and depending on your practitioner at MBB it can range from minimal touch to to manual therapies that work on moving this energy.

This process can leave you feeling quite emotional and fatigued after treatment depending on the nature of disharmony, your therapist will be happy to guide you through post treatment process.

TuiNa An Mo is a ancient form of Chinese Massage, it's remedial in nature with it's foundations based on chinese medicine theory. 

Essentially everything an acupuncturist can do with needles a TuiNa therapist can do with their fingers. TuiNa is performed without oil consisting of alot of pushing, grasping, pressing, rolling of the fists and round rubbing. 

TuiNa is a fantastic way to try Chinese Medicine if a fear of needles is too great.