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Meet Our Team


Dr Sally (Chinese Medicine & Medicinal Herbs) 

Acupuncturist/Chinese Herbalist/Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist

Sally has spent the last 12 years delving into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and sharing her love of this medicine with all around her. Her love for TCM was first sparked during her degree in Naturopathy, which quickly lead her to change courses and move states, so she could immerse herself in the study of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine at RMIT university. Travelling to China in her final semester allowed her to further connect with this medicine and philosophy.

Sally is highly sensitive to energetics and the subtle systems of the body. Guided by intuition, Sally weaves many different techniques delicately into her healing sessions to address the mind, body, spirit and emotions, creating a unique and individualised treatment with every session.

Sally finds most of her enjoyment in empowering her clients through education and practises that create a deeper inner standing and connection to their own self-awareness. Educating her clients with philosophies pulled from a variety of ancient traditions, primarily Chinese medical and Yogic, Sally plugs you in to your own consciousness so each client can play an integral role in their healing process.

Sally is passionate about natural health and believes that living by example is the best way to understand true health and wellness.

Her qualification extend beyond Traditional Chinese Medicine as she is also an accredited Yoga teacher and ZenThai Shiatsu Therapist.


 Dr Christina (Ed Psych) - Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Christina offers her knowledge and assistance as a dedicated and effective clinical hypnotherapist, where  she has achieved mastery level training. She holds membership with the  Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc, with full Clinical Professional status. As such, she is experienced, insured, accredited and bound by ethics and guidelines in helping you to achieve your aims.

In 2012, Christina earned her Doctor of Education (educational psychology) from the University of Technology Sydney with a thesis centred in how people successfully create  positive lifestyle changes. She has translated this knowledge into her practice to help you better, through hypnotherapy. Her career also includes around eight years working with a range of people and problems in physical and mental health, through university and hospital settings.

Christina first encountered hypnotherapy 25 years ago when she first began her personal exploration of the unconscious mind. Later on, after facing  mounting personal challenges, she sought the guidance of this amazing therapy to help her out of a bad place. This proved invaluable. She then made the commitment to change course, away from the corporate/academic world, and to get busy with what she considers to be her 'true calling'.

Christina understands anxiety, PTSD, depression, trauma, grief, relationship breakup, confidence issues, motivation problems, insomnia, and a gamet of other negative states, on a personal level. She has helped many smokers and drinkers to quit the habit, along with other problem behaviours such as over eating, phobias, or anger management, just as examples.

When you come to see Christina, you won't find any judgement. Her clients are far and wide in the types of problems they face, and the types of people they are.

"I see life in terms of energy," says Christina. "You've only got so much. You're like a battery, and if you keep losing energy on negative feelings, beliefs and behaviours, you don't end up with much for growth and repair on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. At best, some people are just surviving. And what most people don't realise is that the unconscious mind holds the key, because it rules your emotions and urges to a large extent. You can reclaim a whole lot of battery space by sorting things out there, and then you can start living again."

Christina's hypnotherapy sessions involve Timeline therapy and Neuro linguistic programming (see What is Hypnotherapy). 

Most people will benefit from hypnotherapy, even those who believe they cannot be hypnotised.

'Hypnotherapy is not like you see on TV. That's stage hypnosis entertainment, and while a very small portion of the population are that suggestible, most are not. Hypnotherapy is collaborative, so you need to be ready to engage. You only need a light trance for many of the processes to be effective, just like daydreaming. Some processes are fully conscious in fact. But the more you do hypnosis, the deeper you go, and the more enjoyable it becomes for you.


Brody - Zenthai Shiatsu/Musculoskeletal/Dry Needle Therapist 

Brody has over 14 years industry experience, starting his career as a personal trainer and then soon transitioning into Sports/Remedial Therapy.
This lead to working with the Brisbane Broncos, Reds and the Wallabies, as well as many other reputable sporting groups throughout Queensland.

After years of continual study in musculoskeletal therapy and varying body work therapies, Brody now has a sharp and refined understanding of both the soft tissue, skeletal and energetic systems. 
For over 7 years Brody focused primarily on corrective therapies in musculoskeletal work, with an intention on alleviating/correcting chronic injuries & pain. Over this time he has gained a great reputation and large clientele due to the results achieved in these treatments.

Brody has in recent years forged a professional and personal interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Brody’s professional aim is to restore balance and alignment within the body using multi-modality therapies. 

Working with the Qi imbalance within the body to restore harmony both emotionally and physically. Brody’s holistic treatments facilitate healing within the body by focusing on emotional and physical components of a person’s well-being. As well as aspects such as lifestyle, body constitution, relationships and diet.  

This approach addresses the causes of presenting issues not just the symptoms, creating harmony in the yin and yang of the body by ridding blockages and disturbances that manifest as illness, disease, pain and emotional issues.

Most importantly, Brody has a very gentle and easy going manner which majority of people find to be the best quality. He shows genuine interest and care in the person before him and you can be assured you will not only be well looked after but truly heard as well. 

*Please note due to high volume booking, Brody is now only available to be booked via phone call only (Clinic Work Number)*


Paula - Kinesiologist/Reflexologist & SCENAR Therapist

Kinesiology is a technique that can hep with pain, emotional disturbances, chronic health conditions, food intolerances, overwhelm, anxiety and a whole host of other symptoms our body sends us to stay in balance.

Kinesiology gets to the root cause of a problem by gentle muscle testing that talks directly to the body and the subconscious mind, that then takes out the conscious & sometimes judgmental brain.

Paula has been in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years. Whilst having a diploma in Kinesiology she has also studied the Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki, Crystal healing & Essential Oils.

After some years of struggling with depression, emotional, gut & health issues herself and only ever getting to the bottom of and clearing them with a Kinesiologist she was inspired to undertake the training herself.

In Paula's experience over the years she has found that our bodies are only ever trying to keep us well and in balance, this is often communicated to us through healing challenges that have been set up on an unconscious level. Kinesiology is one of the easiest ways to clarify & clear those imbalances that have kept us blocked and out of alignment with our true selves.

Paula is also a qualified Reflexologist, true reflexologists are hard to come by as all too many practitioners claim to practice reflexology after looking at online tutorials or short half day courses, understanding technique and foundational theory is essential and not something that can be learnt in such a short period of time. 
Reflexology partnered with Kinesiology is a potent mix, Paula has successfully been treating complex gut and emotional issues for some time now with amazing results. It's a must try! 


Danni - Massage & Beauty Therapist

Danni is a Diploma qualified beauty therapist and certified massage therapist with a great number of years under her belt. Danni has in recent years pushed harder into the more advanced skin care and remedial based treatments for problematic skin, achieving amazing results. 
Danni absolutely loves being able to give her clients an experience where they can walk away feeling really nurtured by one of her treatments, often combining both skin and massage treatments together for a more holistic treatment. 

Alot of care is put into her clients just through touch. Danni believes human touch is a powerful tool and I loves to be able to offer this to people. Even though Danni is the go to therapist for beauty and skin care needs, she is one seriously gifted body worker.

Her intuitive ability to not only find but work out tension in the body is out of this world. Danni is also a serious muay thai fighter, so you can be assured she is strong. We have found that many clientele who are lovers of deep tissue massage are blown away by how strong yet precise Danni's treatments are. You can never go too deep, but you can go too fast... this is something many therapists fall into the habit of and rest assured Danni is not one of them. 

Danni is a jack of all trades and as a result her online booking volume is high, so we highly recommend booking in advance or calling clinic directly to find a suitable time. 

We are truly honoured to have this little pocket rocket on our team!


Rachel - Ayurvedic & Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist/Yoga Instructor

Rachel is the most senior Zenthai Therapist in the Montville Body Balance team, her in depth knowledge in this modality and experience transport you to another world when receiving this therapy. 
Specialising in digestive health and anything gut related Rachel also soars in treatment of chronic pain & injury in the body. 

Rachel has been working alongside top therapists in the ayurvedic field and is now offering custom ayurvedic treatments. 
Rachel has a very soft and gentle manner, extremely easy to talk to leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed to let go. Rachel is interested in finding out the root cause of disharmony and giving valuable take homes to implement change. 


Steph - Reiki Master & Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist

Steph has been practicing the healing art of reiki for many years, and now has the amazing ability to incorporate this energetic work into her Zenthai Shiatsu therapy with amazing results.
As a reiki master Steph's treatments are very intuitive based, paying respect to the musculoskeletal diagnosis before treatment.

Steph is also adapt at picking up deeper disharmonies that many are often unaware of. This allows for treatments to be that much more potent in allowing the body to heal and accept the therapy. 
If your'e in need of major grounding or just love having deep pouring weight onto tired or tense muscles groups... then Steph is the therapist to see!


Claire - Zenthai Shiatsu & Balinese Massage Therapist/ Yoga Instructor

Claire is a gifted therapist with a very precise and rhythmic fluid/watery feel to her treatments.

Her ability to be very technical and remedial while maintaining this flow is the key to her success, being able to find and target key musculoskeletal disharmonies without causing a lot of discomfort (often occurring in remedial massage) is the reason why she is booking out fast.

If you have chronic pain or stubborn tension that just never seems to budge, Claire is the go to therapist to find the root cause and gently yet assertively release, even the most stubborn of us will melt and let go in her treatments.

A must try for those new to body work and or massage. 


Rick - Yin/Kundalini Yoga Instructor

We are truly blessed to have Rick on our team as his warmth and positive energy continues to inspire and uplift us all. 
Rick offers both Yin and Kundalini yoga at the Montville Hall every Tuesday at 6pm and Wednesday morning at 6am. Ricks passion and focus is teaching and sharing his practice of Kundalini yoga, for those who have not yet taken one of these classes... please do. 
Ricks classes ignite deeper energy which is perfect for starting the day, not only that but carries you through until the end. If your in need of addressing postural imbalance, aches & pains or just wanting to compliment your treatments at montville body balance we highly recommend coming along to one of the yoga classes. 


 Bonnie - Clinical Psychotherapist/Counsellor 

Bonnie has over 16 years experience working in Disability and Mental Health Collaboratively. She continues to work in community PHN organisations, Clinical Counselling and facilitate groups based on Pscho-social rehabilitation, support and personal development as well as her own Psychotherapy practice.

Bonnie says"Psychotherapy was chosen as the field to become my profession after understanding the diversity and complexities of the people I have supported over the years and wanting to offer that diversity in therapy that was beyond my qualifications in Psychology and Counselling (Both of which are much needed) however, training within an in-depth teaching based on Psychology and Counselling as a foundation lead me to further include Psychotherapy to utilise and offer much-needed diversity of technique and supports."