Our Team

Meet Our Team

Jan - Clinic Manager/Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist

Jan (yarn) is our amazing Clinic Manager who keeps us all in line! 
You may see Jan around the clinic and no doubt be greeted by his warm and welcoming energy. Jan is also working in Community Clinic offering massage one day a week/Monday. His treatments are deep and earthy with a sharp intuitive skill, perfect for finding problematic issues that reside in the tissue. 



Dr Sally (Chinese Medicine & Medicinal Herbs) 

Principal Acupuncturist/Chinese Herbalist/Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist

Sally has spent the last 12 years delving into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and sharing her love of this medicine with all around her. Her love for TCM was first sparked during her degree in Naturopathy, which quickly lead her to change courses and move states, so she could immerse herself in the study of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine at RMIT university. Travelling to China in her final semester allowed her to further connect with this medicine and philosophy.

Sally is highly sensitive to energetics and the subtle systems of the body. Guided by intuition, Sally weaves many different techniques delicately into her healing sessions to address the mind, body, spirit and emotions, creating a unique and individualised treatment with every session.

Sally finds most of her enjoyment in empowering her clients through education and practises that create a deeper inner standing and connection to their own self-awareness. Educating her clients with philosophies pulled from a variety of ancient traditions, primarily Chinese medical and Yogic, Sally plugs you in to your own consciousness so each client can play an integral role in their healing process.

Sally is passionate about natural health and believes that living by example is the best way to understand true health and wellness.

Her qualification extend beyond Traditional Chinese Medicine as she is also an accredited Yoga teacher and ZenThai Shiatsu Therapist.



Brody - Principal Zenthai/Dry Needle Therapist 

Brody has over 14 years industry experience, starting his career as a personal trainer and then soon transitioning into Sports/Remedial Therapy.
This lead to working with the Brisbane Broncos, Reds and the Wallabies, as well as many other reputable sporting groups throughout Queensland.

After years of continual study in musculoskeletal therapy and varying body work therapies, Brody now has a sharp and refined understanding of both the soft tissue, skeletal and energetic systems. 
For over 7 years Brody focused primarily on corrective therapies in musculoskeletal work, with an intention on alleviating/correcting chronic injuries & pain. Over this time he has gained a great reputation and large clientele due to the results achieved in these treatments.

Brody has in recent years forged a professional and personal interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Brody’s professional aim is to restore balance and alignment within the body using multi-modality therapies. 

Working with the Qi imbalance within the body to restore harmony both emotionally and physically. Brody’s holistic treatments facilitate healing within the body by focusing on emotional and physical components of a person’s well-being. As well as aspects such as lifestyle, body constitution, relationships and diet.  

This approach addresses the causes of presenting issues not just the symptoms, creating harmony in the yin and yang of the body by ridding blockages and disturbances that manifest as illness, disease, pain and emotional issues.

Most importantly, Brody has a very gentle and easy going manner which majority of people find to be the best quality. He shows genuine interest and care in the person before him and you can be assured you will not only be well looked after but truly heard as well. 

*Please note due to high volume booking, Brody is now only available to be booked via phone call only (Clinic Work Number)*


Martin - Clinical Naturopath & Mental Health Coach

Martin has a true passion for life, consciousness, and the Human experience. And although still young at 45 he has already dedicated over 30 years of his life to understating self, others, and our environment, so that we may be healthier, happier, and more connected in our daily lives.

From being a Master practitioner of NLP, a Life coach and to a fully qualified Degree level Naturopath (BHSc. Naturopathy) which includes Natural Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Mineral therapy, Martin has gained a truly unique perspective upon the current Human condition, especially that of spiritual transition through self-awareness. Martin truly calls life for what it is and knows that we have all had trauma, yet the true art of living is moving through that trauma so that one can propel themselves on-to a whole new level of experience.

Martin utilises multiple modalities for total healing which include, nutrition, herbs and supplementation to treat the body, Esoteric psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to treat the mind with flower essences and connection into conscious-stillness to treat emotions.

"I have absolute dedication and commitment towards your healing which is coupled with a deep desire for you to obtain Better results more-of the time. And if that is what you desire for yourself too, then I very much look forward to working with you".



     Dr. Christina (Ed Psych) - Clinical Hypnotherapist 

    Christina offers her knowledge and assistance as a dedicated and effective clinical hypnotherapist, where  she has achieved mastery level training. She holds membership with the  Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc, with full Clinical Professional status. As such, she is experienced, insured, accredited and bound by ethics and guidelines in helping you to achieve your aims.

    In 2012, Christina earned her Doctor of Education (educational psychology) from the University of Technology Sydney with a thesis centred in how people successfully create  positive lifestyle changes. She has translated this knowledge into her practice to help you better, through hypnotherapy. Her career also includes around eight years working with a range of people and problems in physical and mental health, through university and hospital settings.

    Christina first encountered hypnotherapy 25 years ago when she first began her personal exploration of the unconscious mind. Later on, after facing  mounting personal challenges, she sought the guidance of this amazing therapy to help her out of a bad place. This proved invaluable. She then made the commitment to change course, away from the corporate/academic world, and to get busy with what she considers to be her 'true calling'.

    Christina understands anxiety, PTSD, depression, trauma, grief, relationship breakup, confidence issues, motivation problems, insomnia, and a gamet of other negative states, on a personal level. She has helped many smokers and drinkers to quit the habit, along with other problem behaviours such as over eating, phobias, or anger management, just as examples.

    When you come to see Christina, you won't find any judgement. Her clients are far and wide in the types of problems they face, and the types of people they are.

    "I see life in terms of energy," says Christina. "You've only got so much. You're like a battery, and if you keep losing energy on negative feelings, beliefs and behaviours, you don't end up with much for growth and repair on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. At best, some people are just surviving. And what most people don't realise is that the unconscious mind holds the key, because it rules your emotions and urges to a large extent. You can reclaim a whole lot of battery space by sorting things out there, and then you can start living again."

    Christina's hypnotherapy sessions involve Timeline therapy and Neuro linguistic programming (see What is Hypnotherapy). 

    Most people will benefit from hypnotherapy, even those who believe they cannot be hypnotised.

    'Hypnotherapy is not like you see on TV. That's stage hypnosis entertainment, and while a very small portion of the population are that suggestible, most are not. Hypnotherapy is collaborative, so you need to be ready to engage. You only need a light trance for many of the processes to be effective, just like daydreaming. Some processes are fully conscious in fact. But the more you do hypnosis, the deeper you go, and the more enjoyable it becomes for you.


    Dr Liara (Ph.D) - Breathwork Psychotherapist/Dream Therapist

    As a skilled breathwork practitioner, she is recognised as a Professional Member of Australian Breathwork Association (ABA).  This means she is insured, had two years of accredited training and holds up-to-date first aid qualifications.  Having experienced 300+ sessions herself, she is uniquely qualified to offer private sessions and workshops.  She has insight into cathartic (holotropic) breathwork, rebirthing, and complimentary practices including Soma and Wim Hof Breathing. She combines it with behavioural decision processing-a variation of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  

    How can breathwork help you?

    • Reduce stress, reduce physical pain, reduce anger, lower blood pressure (heart rate)
    • Address sleep disturbances, emotional health, including relief from depression, anxiety and traumatic residue(embodied emotional and physical experiences)
    • Increase energy, clarity, cognitive function (i.e., memory, concentration/ sensory processing)
    • Develop deeper connection to spiritual & intuitive guidance

    As a spiritual psychotherapist, she draws insight from varied modalities like breathwork, shamanic training, pranic healing and 500+ paintings. As a life coach, she authored 13 self-development books (i.e., Transform Your Life: 730 inspirations, Soul work: 50 Exercises and Mastery of Time).

    How can spiritual psychotherapy help you?

    • Examine defence mechanisms that manifest as addictions, compulsions, chronic fatigue, and other issues from a holistic view
    • Benefit from shadow work 
    • Discover benefits to taking greater responsibility for thoughts, beliefs and perception
    • Recover vital power, untapped potential and energy, feel more centred and alive
    • Regain balance, reconnect or deepen connection to Higher Power (i.e., God, Source, Nature)
    • Identify relevance of Soul loss & Soul retrieval  
    • Deal with the loss of a loved one, facing the prospect of death or associated emotions.


    As a dream coach and therapist, Liara guides clients to interpret dreams and join the dots to events and situations in waking life. She teaches people about dreams as metaphors so you can learn from their own body signs and signals.  Her expertise evolved during her experience as a former Internet radio show host & co-host for almost 10 years as well as roles as a mindfulness facilitator. She also had weekend running dream analysis and interpretation column in a Canadian newspaper.

    How can dream therapy help you? 

    • Interpret your dreams
    • Identify connections between your dreams and waking life
    • More effectively resolve situations or find answers to waking life problems
    • Recall dreams with more regularity and clarity
    • Grow into your own dream interpreter


    Paula - Kinesiologist/Reflexologist & SCENAR Therapist

    Paula is an intuitive Kinesiologist & Reflexologist living here on the amazing Sunshine Coast.

    Paula has been working in the health & wellness industry for over 25 years and through her journey of healing and self discovery she has realised what it is to live a life without that cloud of self doubt and old patterns that affects her entire life.

    It was through this that Paula came across these two powerful modalities that have helped to clear the blocks that held her back from the balance and expansion that she now feels.

    Paula has a passion for helping others on their very individual path of healing and self discovery by using Kinesiology or Reflexology techniques that can assist with clearing the blocks that impede on the balance, health & healing of the internal environment of body, mind and spirit.

    The amazing thing she can offer with Kinesiology is a face to face or an on-line experience, so it doesn't matter where in the world you happen to be, Paula and yourself can still work together.

    Reflexology is another way to heal the body, mind and spirit and remove the emotional blocks with a more hands on approach.

    Is it time and are you ready to increase your sense of self and wellbeing?

    Are you ready to release old patterns and beliefs of low self esteem and self worth that no longer serve you? 

    Is it time to become that beautiful self assured, aligned and confident person?

    If you do then you're EXACTLY who you need to see!!!


    Rachel - Ayurvedic & Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist/Yoga Instructor

    Rachel is the most senior Zenthai Therapist in the Montville Body Balance team, her in depth knowledge in this modality and experience transport you to another world when receiving this therapy. 
    Specialising in digestive health and anything gut related Rachel also soars in treatment of chronic pain & injury in the body. 

    Rachel has been working alongside top therapists in the ayurvedic field and is now offering custom ayurvedic treatments. 
    Rachel has a very soft and gentle manner, extremely easy to talk to leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed to let go. Rachel is interested in finding out the root cause of disharmony and giving valuable take homes to implement change. 


    Claudia - Neuro-Energetic Kinesiologist 

    Claudia operates within a non-intrusive and gentle technique geared towards alleviating the stress of emotional, physical, and structural problems that cause imbalance on the mind-body system. The practice is open to both adults and children, and has long-lasting benefits of stress-reduction, a feeling of freedom, and a return to a natural state of balance.

    Claudia has been employing Neuro-energetic Kinesiology for six years and has seen improvements in the wellbeing of people suffering from, among others:

    • Depression & Anxiety
    • Grief & Emotional Trauma
    • Pain & Tension
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Hormonal & Gut Imbalance

    Claudia’s life experience combined with her Diploma in Kinesiology, allows her a deeper understanding of the journey, and to facilitate the client to get to the core of the issues. By using muscle feedback technique, Claudia identifies and defuses the stress. Claudia provides a safe environment where clients feel comfortable in exploring their deeper issues.

    Just imagine what you could do with the energy you are using to hold onto that stress!

    Client’s testimonials:

    “Claudia has a gift. If you are fortunate enough to join her for treatment the benefits will be limitless. I have experienced enormous change in my physical and mental health as a direct result of her skills and will continue to grow, improve, and enjoy life more fully.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.” (Vicky, Brisbane)

    “I have been having online kinesiology sessions with Claudia over the past few years and have found it to be a very effective modality.  We have delved into a number of issues including stress, relationships and their dynamics, hormone imbalance, trauma, brain function, pain and behavior.  After each session, I love how I always feel more balanced, present and have greater insight about myself. There is always a change, whether it be subtle or overt.

    Claudia is a very gentle, knowledgeable and supportive facilitator of change and I am grateful for the journey that we have had together so far. Thank-you so much for sharing your gift which has helped me grow and move forward in life with more ease and understanding.”
    (Renee, Melbourne)


    Andreas - Clinical Naturopath & Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist

    Andreas is qualified naturopath with 4 years of clinical experience who has further developed a passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) through his training in Zenthai Shiatsu.

    He is passionate about bridging the gap between scientific understanding and traditional energetic symptoms such as TCM.The synergy of both healing landscapes provides far more clarity and understanding of the root cause of health issues, rather than just working on symptoms. 

    Andreas has found performing bodywork has given him a connection and ability to listen to the needs of his clients that he had not experienced before. In the simplicity there is far more space for listening and understanding what is most important.

    Another huge passion for Andreas is herbal medicine, which can further support the body’s innate healing abilities on top of his bodywork session. Herbal medicines can be particularly effective for stress, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, headaches, sleep issues, inflammation and pain. This list goes on…


    Claire - Zenthai Shiatsu & Balinese Massage Therapist/ Yoga Instructor

    Claire is a gifted therapist with a very precise and rhythmic fluid/watery feel to her treatments.

    Her ability to be very technical and remedial while maintaining this flow is the key to her success, being able to find and target key musculoskeletal disharmonies without causing a lot of discomfort (often occurring in remedial massage) is the reason why she is booking out fast.

    If you have chronic pain or stubborn tension that just never seems to budge, Claire is the go to therapist to find the root cause and gently yet assertively release, even the most stubborn of us will melt and let go in her treatments.

    A must try for those new to body work and or massage. 


    Amy - Zen Shiatsu Therapist 

    Amy's approach is one of a kind and gentle nature. She believes deeply in the body's ability to heal thyself.

    She has been studying traditional zen shiatsu since 2012, with acclaimed master practitioner Michie Araki. Having completed a Diploma of Oriental Therapies, which consists of zen shiatsu, acupressure, 5 element theory, cupping, moxa and macrobiotic fundamentals. She continues to research the magical ways the human body heals itself through foods, thoughts, feelings and environments. 

    Amy has the unique ability to find your body's energy points that need extra loving attention, and bring your body back into balance for optimal health. She has used her knowledge of self healing to process her own emotional challenges that include social anxiety, addiction and depression.

    She believes you can change, even if you think you are a lost cause, you can change a pattern in your life force to promote health and healing.


    Eden - Naturopath/Iridologist/Massage Therapist

    Eden realised her passion for natural health when she saw a naturopath to successfully overcome her own health conditions. She then transitioned from support work to the health and wellness industry which led her to completing the Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavour College of Natural Health. 

    Eden uses a combination of current evidence-based practice, knowledge from traditional herbal medicine and her own intuition to formulate a holistic and individualised treatment plan with her clients. During a naturopathy consultation, all aspects of health are considered with the intention of addressing the individual’s underlying contributing factors to health rather than just treating symptoms. Eden has a special interest and experience in the following areas (but is not limited to)- mental and emotional health, stress, anxiety, fatigue states including post viral fatigue, immune deficiencies, gut health, sleep, oncology. 

    Eden has an Advanced Certificate in Iridology and enjoys uncovering information held in the iris. An iridology session can identify a person’s constitution, their genetic influences going back 3 generations, as well as specific areas of physical and emotional health that may need extra support. A personalised report with dietary and lifestyle recommendations are made based on these findings.   

    Eden is also a qualified massage therapist, specialising in oncology massage and manual lymphatic drainage (Casley Smith Method). Eden’s style of massage is perfect for those experiencing chronic health conditions, stress or simply wanting to relax as Eden has a gentle approach to massage. Having completed professional training in oncology massage, Eden can safely adapt massage for someone affected by cancer at any stage. 

    In every healing modality, Eden uses a warm, empathic approach and aims to support and empower people in bringing peace and balance to their body, mind and spirit.  



    Mike - Physiospect Therapist

    Mike has a passion for helping people, with his very easy going, warm and approachable nature he is definitely one who can hold a space of healing. 
    Mike is one of the few therapist in the area that offers physiospect, to learn more about what this is click here > 

    Mike is a valuable team member to Montville Body Balance however to book in a consultation with Mike you will need to call the clinic to organise a time. 


    Jamila - Light Worker/Zenthai Therapist


    Self-inquiry and inner growth has been a focal point for Jamila's personal journey for some time now.
    Specifically sitting in ceremony and ritual, in sacred conversation with the Divine during key moments in time when energetically supported and guided by the phases of the moon and planetary alignments.

    Jamila has found that it is clear that through her direct experiences of self-inquiry and healing on many levels, the time has come to share, inspire, motivate and guide those who are ready to dive into the inner realms of expansion and growth through focused intention prayer and inner reflection and inquiry.

    This will be weaved into Jamila's offerings of sacred touch in body work & energetic therapies.

    An opportunity, a chance being offered to come back to the stillness within.

    In this stillness we can trust, opening to the endless possibilities and blessings that are always here upon us, 

    Here we are able to listen and allow the calling of our Spirit, the Divine, consciousness to show us the way.

    A safe space to be open and true to one’s Self to be held and nurtured, to be heard, to ReMember, to come back to the sacred, too rediscover, to wake up. 


    Michaela - Administration/Reception

    One of the friendliest and most warm hearted people you will meet, Michaela will be sure to make you feel welcome when you come into clinic. 
    Michaela is the key person in making sure everyone is looked after, if you have any queries or concerns Michaela is the person to talk too. Her loving energy is a wonderful compliment to the team.